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Stay Alkaline All Day Every Day

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"It is 100 times harder to cure the body of disease than it is to prevent that disease in the first place"

-Bob McCauley, The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water


Water is our best defense against disease of every kind. 60% or more of all chronic disease would be significantly reduced if people would simply keep themselves properly hydrated.

"Life only exists where there is balance and your body is totally regulated by your alkaline state."



Signs of Dehydration aren't always obvious. If you have one of more of these signs you may be dehydrated: Bad Breath, Dry Skin, Muscle Cramps, Fever, Chills, Food Cravings or Headaches are just a few signals. The more alkaline you are, the healthier you feel. "When you are in an alkaline state, you're so healthy that normal cells will thrive and disease will not."

-Jeannette Graf, M.D.

Give your body what it needs.
Hydration delivered right to you on a cellular level.
Bring your alkalinity with you every where you travel.
It's that simple.

Take Our Simple 3 Steps to Balance for Your Life

Alkalize Your Body
Order Alakalize On The Go and add it to your Daily Routine as a basic first step to a Balanced Life.

Choose Live Food
"Nutritionists have long insisted that eating a diet rich in raw and other 'live' foods is one of the most important things you can do to improve and preserve your health."
-Experience Life

Keep Moving
"10,000 steps a day is a basic requirement for optimal health. Many researchers are now re-emphasizing the importance of walking for better health."


Water is our best life preserver. No matter how much water you drink, it's never enough to keep you hydrated and feeling good unless it can reside inside your cells. Alkalize to Go is the Water Secret. The key to vibrant health from the inside out lies in maintaining strong cells that can retain water the way younger cells do. You are only as healthy as your cells are, and your cells are only as healthy as the water that fills and surrounds them.


The Exceptional Alkalizing Water Treating Pack, Alkalize to Go HYDRATION packs give purified water a pleasing natural taste because coral has over 70 trace minerals.

BalanceYour Hydration

A Healthy pH balancing preserves the integrity of our digestive enzymes, allowing our bodies to assimilate and absorb essential nutrients from our food.

Alkalize to Go delivers more than 70 vital trace minerals which can increase energy and metabolism, reduce joint pain, improve immune functions and decrease chances of heart disease.

Balancing your pH levels and delivering essential minerals directly to your cells helps your body dramatically reduce internal stress levels,helps strengthen the brain, strengthen the heart and efficiently control insulin levels.

Most people are drinking dead water. Typical water found in our water supply, including bottled, is often referred to as inferior or "dead" water by those in the health field.

Alkalize to Go is simple to use. Add one unopened sachet to a BPA Free Water Bottle with pure drinking water. Seal cap, shake and let stand for 8 minutes.

Make that simple change today by adding Alkalize to Go to your water

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